Afa Restorative Gel Mild


Gently exfoliates and improves pigment, tone and texture while supporting increased collagen production

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Product Overview
  • Provides advanced exfoliation and clarifying benefits
  • Improves acne and reduces wrinkles
  • Improves the condition and appearance of pores
  • Significantly improves tone and texture
  • Balances and repairs the moisture barrier
  • Corrects free radical damage

Restorative Gel Mild is comparable in efficacy to an 11% AHA formula but gentle enough for nearly all skin types. Gel Mild provides an improvement in clarity and pigmentation via exfoliating with minimal irritation, making it ideal for addressing acne, pores, dull skin, early signs of aging, redness and overall tone and texture.


When starting afa Restorative Gels, begin with either Acne Care or Gel Mild, as they are formulated with the lowest concentrations of highly potent afaLUXE™ and will allow skin to acclimate to daily use. After cleansing, dispense no more than a dime-size amount of gel onto hands. Rub hands together to evenly distribute. Then, apply to the entire face. When using this product for the first time, apply it, and leave it on for two hours. Then, rinse. If no irritation occurs within 24 hours, future applications may be left on overnight. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not spot treat, as that may cause irritation.

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