Eye Contour Anti Wrinkle Cream


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The wrinkle eraser.
Shock treatment. A light emulsion with a high concentration of active ingredients for overall treatment of the eye area: reduces wrinkles, restore tone, increase elasticity, improves puffiness and lightens dark circles while nourishing the whole area.
It has a widely proven anti-wrinkle qualities; its improvement on wrinkles around this area is almost instantaneous.

Active ingredients
EYELISS®: Anti-wrinkles. Global treatment of firmness and elasticity.
ARGIRELINE®: Anti-wrinkles effect.
ORSIRTINE®: Anti-aging active. Prevents signs of aging.
COLLAGENEER®: It gives skin firmness and elasticity.
Who is this for?
All skin types.
Unisex formula suitable for all skin types, especially for those with visible wrinkles around the eye area.

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