Casmara has created a range of expert Derma Peels, a comprehensive range of superficial and medium depth chemical peels.

Casmara peels are a combination of acids that when applied to the skin, spark an exfoliation of the top, middle and deepest layers of the skin.
A peel encourages the renewal of the skins layers, causing faster cell exchange and stimulating the dermis to produce new structural fibers and components in the extracellular matrix.
The peels action causes the skin to regenerate and renew significantly improving the skins elasticity and firmness. There are 2 peels to choose from

A combination of acids which, in addition to their general EXFOLIATING, RENEWING, REJUVENATING and REGENERATING actions, have special characteristics that improve the results and enhance the power of the formula when combined.

15% PYRUVIC, moisturizing properties.; 5% ÁCIDO SUCCINIC, highly energizing and revitalizing, 5% ÁCIDO FERULIC antioxidant properties. Clarifies dark spots
and evens the tone.

Recommended to globally treat all signs of aging and intensely rejuvenate the complexion of mature skin.

for problem or oily skin at Eden. The Casmara SAS peel combines a combination of acids to offer optimum results with no down time for problem skin.

2% SALICYLIC: detoxifying action. Causes exfoliation and desquamation inside the pores and in oily areas, producing a significant balancing effect.
10% SHIKIMIC: powerful antioxidant action that protects the skin and prevents the signs of aging.

12% AZELAIC: helps to balance skin disorders if there are alternations such as excess sebum, shine and dilated pores.