Vein Removal techniques explained.

Spider Veins
Telangiectasia or spider veins are unsightly veins which often occur on the the cheeks and nose and are particularly prevalent in fine skin. Our Veinwave treatment was developed by dermatologists to treat and remove these veins permanently. The  vein removal treatment involves running a small probe along the length of the vein and emitting a radio frequency which collapses and destroys the walls of the veins. They disappear instantly and so the customer see’s an immediate result.

Some deeper veins may require a second treatment to ensure vein removal but as the treatment price includes a follow up appointment 2 weeks after the initial this can be done if necessary on the second visit

Red Vein Removal
Advanced Electrolysis is performed by Nicola who has over 20 years experience. This treatment involves the insertion of a tiny needle along the path of the vein, an electrical current is then passed into the area to cauterise the vein. This is an ideal treatment if veins are superficial and there are a small number to treat. A consultation and patch test is required.


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