Anti Ageing Treatments

Eden Anti Ageing Cosmetic and Botox

Look wonderful again. Look like you.

A good night’s sleep? Or our expert anti-aging treatments? Simply look fresh and relaxed with the subtlest of help.

At Eden we have sourced the most innovative treatments and advanced skincare products to ensure we offer our clients the latest in anti ageing treatments. We offer Botox/ Cosmetic Injectables and our practitioner, Dr Murray is a highly qualified doctor.  Our AFA Cosmecuticle range contains patented ingredients and was clinically tested for 4 years by US dermatologists. We offer the Face Up Microdermabrasion system which is exclusive to Eden in Ireland and have trained with Italian dermatologists to ensure our MicroNeedling treatment is first class. We offer medical grade IPL and brought LED Mask Therapy to Ireland. So whether you want a course of rejuvenating treatments or advice on the most active home care products our therapists can advise and help you to look like you again. At Eden Beauty Salon we tailor each course of treatments to suit your skin type and what you wish to achieve.  Book a consultation and your therapist will advise on the best course of treatments for you.

Here are two of our most popular Anti Aging Treatments

Collagen Remodelling
Collagen Remodelling incorporates IPL Treatment. Collagen Remodelling is a dual action anti-aging treatment combines microdermabrasion with a cooling mask, followed by IPL skin rejuvenation and a firming mask.

Genie – Take 10 Non Surgical Face Lift.
The most powerful non surgical face lift treatment available. This treatment developed, by a UK consultant, re-educates muscles increasing muscle tone, firming skin, reduces fine line and re-defines the jaw line.