Treating Skin Conditions


Rosacea is a very common benign skin condition which affects people worldwide but is particularly common in fair “Celtic” skin types. It is considered a chronic (long term) condition and is incurable however symptoms can be treated. Rosacea usually involves the central area of the face including checks, nose and forehead and symptoms can vary from mild flushing, dilated blood vessels, small red bumps and cysts to severe redness, thickening of the skin and pink or irritated eyes.

While the exact cause of Rosacea is unknown a family history is often common. Sun damage can also be a factor. It most commonly occurs between the ages of 30-50. While the cause of Rosacea is not clear there are a number of “triggers”.

Sun: Exposure to the sun and in particular sunburn is known to aggravate the condition and a Sun Factor 30 or greater should be worn at all times.

Extremes of temperature: eg sitting close to fires, saunas, hot baths and extreme exercise should be avoided as capillaries become permanently dilated and excessive flushing will result.

Alcohol: Alcohol particularly red wine is a known trigger and should be reduced or avoided if possible.

Smoking: Should be reduced or stopped.

Food Triggers: While not every Rosacea sufferer will react to the same foods. Some foods are found to be triggers for a large number of sufferers and keeping a food diary may help you to find your “triggers”.

Common Food triggers

*Citrus fruits including red plums, raisins and figs
*Spicy and temperature hot foods
*Alcohol particularly red wine but also beer, vodka, gin, whiskey & champagne.
*Soya sauce
*Dairy including yogurt, sour cream and cheese (except cottage)

In most clients spicy food and alcohol is an issue unfortunately.

As Rosacea presents with a number of different symptoms there is no one treatment fix for all unfortunately.

If flushing and redness is your main concern we have found IPL or intense pulsed light is very effective as the light is attracted to hemoglobin in blood travelling through the small surface capillaries and cauterises them reducing redness.

Spots and congestion can be greatly improved by skin peels such as Afa’s which contain Vitamin C. This acts as an anti inflammatory reducing swelling and calming skin. The acidified amino acids in Afa peels and products perform a deep exfoliation preventing a buildup of dead skin cells which can cause congestion. A by product of these amino acids is urea which soothes skin and acts as a natural sun block. They also contain dead sea minerals which are very rich in a number of minerals your skin needs to nourish it.
The Client pictured presented with an advanced case of Rosacea we used a IPL ad Afa peels and products to control the symptoms of the condition.

For some clients the protruding veins on their nose and cheeks are their main concern and these are very easily treated with our Vein-wave treatment. This machine designed by a prominent UK dermatologist uses radio frequency to collapse the walls of permanently dilated capillaries and the veins literally disappear as they are treated. Some larger deeper veins may need a second treatment but this is covered in your follow up appointment two weeks after the initial.

LED light therapy has also proved very effective. Different colour lights penetrate to different levels in the skin. Red light stimulates cell activity and has a rejuvenating effect of the skin. The bacteria that causes acne is very sensitive to light in general (hence skin often improves greatly when away on sun holidays) and blue light in particular. The LED mask alternates between both these settings reducing bacteria, drying sebum and rejuvenating skin.

As Rosacea has such a variety of symptoms and severity can vary widely among sufferers Eden recommends a consultation. Your therapist will help you complete a consultation sheet and take a medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate to undergo the treatments we offer. As you may have a number of different symptoms a course of several treatments may be necessary to reduce symptoms. Your therapist will also recommend a home care programme and for best results it is highly recommended that you follow this programme. As Rosacea can not be cured treatments will be necessary in the future to maintain results. Your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you may have relating to our treatments and products.

Recommended Product: We have found over the years that Afa exZit gel is a fantastic home care treatment for Rosacea. It is gentle for sensitive skin, hydrates, gently exfoliates and soothes sensitised skin while reducing inflammation and  breakouts. It should be used on cleansed skin every evening and nothing should be applied on top. Click here to purchase the exit gel from our on line store.AFA exzit Gel Eden Beauty GroupIf you would like to discuss your particular skin concerns with us please book a consultation with one of our skincare specialists.  If you would like us to cover particular issues or subjects in future blogs we would love to hear from you. Please leave suggestions or queries in the comment section below.