Product Overview

Hydro Derm Facials are this years “must have ” treatment due to huge social media and press coverage. The premise of the treatment is to give your client a very deep cleansing and hydrating treatment that gives instant results and a gorgeous glow.


Our Hydro Derm Facial system is manufactured to the highest standards and contains a Korean water pump to ensure reliability. It contains 6 treatment heads to allow you to offer your client the most complete treatment available. It has a small footprint and fits easily on top of a trolley allowing ease of movement around your clinic. It is priced to ensure a rapid return on investment. The cost per treatment is less than €10 with a RRP of €130 the margin for your salon is over 90%.


Our machine has a 7inch touch screen for easy operation. There are three dials which control water level through the hydro derm  dermabrasion head, one to control suction level and a third to choose which bottle you are working from. Bottle A can be filled with distilled water and acids to facilitate a deep cleanse and peel. Bottle B is filled with saline to combine with diamond tip and hydrate. Bottle C is for cleaning the machine after the treatment.  Bottle D produces oxygen to allow you to oxygenate your clients skin for an extra glow. The other treatment heads on the machine include the following

Solution Bottles

Hydro dermabrasion head

Skin Scrubber

for deep cleansing and product penetration. This head uses ultrasonic vibrations to exfoliate the skin. It can also be used to aid product penetration.

Cold Head

for soothing and tightening skin


for product infusion


for product penetration


for tightening and firming

Our purchase package includes

1 Hydro Derm facial machine

1 Salon size 3 action acid cleanser

10 Casmara Hyal ampules

12 Cerapherma Pure Vitamin C masks

Training at our clinic

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