Afa Brightening Gel


Minimizes new melanin production and helps fade existing dark spots.

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Product Overview
  • Reduces new melanin production, helping to prevented unwanted dark spots
  • Helps fade existing sun damage, hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Designed for use on the hands, face or body as an area or spot treatment
  • Restores clarity and radiance
  • Helps restore radiance and balance to the skin

Brightening Gel features asafetida extract to proactively minimize new melanin production and vitamin C and afaLUXE™ which exfoliate and brighten existing unwanted pigmentation to restore radiance to the skin. With two uses, this gel offers an all-over face treatment as well as a spot treatment for the hands, face, body and slightly larger areas. afa Brightening Gel restores clarity and radiance for most skin types.


At night, after cleansing, apply a thin layer to the entire face. If using as a spot treatment on the face, hands, neck or decolletage, use just enough product to cover unwanted pigmentation and the area directly surrounding it. Allow to dry completely (10 minutes) before applying other products. Use sunscreen daily.