Casmara Infinity limited edition box


The most innovative cosmetics in an exclusive, limited edition gift set, providing rejuvenating care based on holistic beauty products that act beyond the structure of the skin. Value of Contents €359.00


YOUTH ACTIVATOR CREAM (50ml). Cream with Future NGE Technology that triggers a new lease of life in the skin, softening signs of aging for a visibly younger-looking complexion.

YOUTH ACTIVATOR OIL ELIXIR (50ml). a youth elixir in a dry-touch oil.

INFINITY YOUTH ACTIVATOR EYE SERUM (10ml). Asublime reconstructing eye serum with highly rejuvenating properties

INFINITY SLEEPING MASK (50ml). An overnight recovery mask.

Check out the Infinity limited edition box for a sneak preview of the 3 new cosmetics in the Infinity range.

The premium beauty gift set!

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Who is this for?

Mature skin Formulated for mature skin wanting intense rejuvenating care.


YOUTH ACTIVATOR CREAM (50ml). Total rejuvenating cream that provides an immediate lift and radiance while eliminating visible signs of aging and stress.


YOUTH ACTIVATOR OIL ELIXIR (50ml). With a dual nourishing action and Botox effect, it increases collagen production and prevents its degradation, reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, prevents cellular aging, accelerates skin renewal, increases the synthesis of skin elastic fibers and has a restructuring effect.


INFINITY YOUTH ACTIVATOR EYE SERUM (10ml). With a Botox effect, it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, promotes skin regeneration and delays cellular aging.


INFINITY SLEEPING MASK (50ml). Increases the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin, increases energy production and stimulates activity at the cellular level.


YOUTH ACTIVATOR CREAM (50ml). Visibly younger-looking, wrinkle-free and radiant complexion. “Healthy glow” effect.


YOUTH ACTIVATOR OIL ELIXIR (50ml). Visibly rejuvenates complexion. Wrinkles are softened, the skin appears supple, redensified and intensely nourished.


INFINITY YOUTH ACTIVATOR EYE SERUM (10ml). Intensely brightens and rejuvenates the eyes, smooths wrinkles and expression lines, lightens dark circles, and leaves skin nourished, suppler and firmer. Redensified skin.


INFINITY SLEEPING MASK (50ml). “Rested face” effect, revitalized, glowing complexion. Visibly rejuvenated appearance. Plump and energized skin.