Ultra-nourishing recovery cream with a highly energizing and rebalancing action in a genuine sublime nutri-gel texture. Q10 RESCUE intensive nutri-cream acts as a true “absolute recovery” for the skin, restoring the youth and comfort lost over time.

Formulated with exquisite powerful nourishing and rejuvenating natural oils and latest-generation active ingredients combined with SMART Q10 GPS technology, a double-geolocation bioenergetic technology.

An intelligent multi-action cosmetic that reactivates and rejuvenates the skin thanks to the high levels of nourishment and energy provided at cell level, and for its revolutionary night-time repair effect that helps to recover the balance impaired by advanced aging, providing an overall improvement to the skin.

By day it nourishes, energizes, moisturizes and protects the skin, wrapping it in a layer of extraordinary comfort. At night, it intensely repairs and regenerates.
Provides a perfect balance that helps to intensely rejuvenate the face, making it a fantastic addition to the evening routine.

A true absolute recovery for the most demanding skin.

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Who is this for?

Very mature skin.

Formulated for very mature skin types (+60) and for mature (+45), malnourished, dry, devitalized and/or dull skin showing or starting to show the imbalances typical of menopause, pre- or post-menopause.

For very mature skin, apply day and night, thus increasing its level of repair, protection, energy and comfort throughout the day.

For mature skin, application is recommended only at night. To enhance the night-time repair and regeneration cycle and keep the skin protected, balanced and young.


RESTORATIVE: restores optimal skin function, recovering the metabolic rate typical of younger skin.

ENERGIZING: provides high energy levels at the key point, right where the skin needs it to be reactivated.

REBALANCING: regulates the imbalances typical of very mature skin, mitigating the effects of the drop in hormones and endorphins.

NOURISHING: provides the nutrients required for perfect skin condition, restoring an intense feeling of comfort and ease.

REJUVENATING: acts on all signs of aging, with a remarkable restructuring effect that deeply combats flaccidity, as well as very pronounced wrinkles by reducing them in depth and quantity.


Deeply nourished and plump skin with an intense feeling of comfort.

Wrinkles are softened. Visibly firmer and suppler skin.

Radiant, revitalized complexion. Unified tone. Face is full of life.

Skin youth levels are restored. Visibly younger-looking skin.

Active ingredients

Q10 GPS: microencapsulated Q10 bioenergetic system and high technology that reduces oxidative stress and reactivates cell energy, reversing aging and intensely revitalizing the skin.

TSUBAKI Oil: Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has powerful nutritional properties and a moisturizing and anti-aging action.

ARGAN Oil: exotic oil with a high nutritional value. It regenerates the skin and combats aging during night-time rest.

MACADAMIA Oil: exquisite ultra-nourishing oil that intensely softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, restoring the elasticity and smoothness typical of young skin.

CHRONO BALANCE: smart epigenetic regenerating and hydrating active ingredient that supports the skin’s day/night rhythms.

NEW YOUTH: restorative and balancing active ingredient. Increases moisture levels, redensifies the skin by improving elasticity and smoothness and reduces wrinkles.