Derma rolling aids product penetration into your skin and ensures your products penetrate deeply into the skin and are more effective. Regular use stimulates collagen production and can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and minor skin imperfections. Can aid in the reduction of pigmentation when teamed with the correct  home care products. We recommend the roller is used at night with a serum, if you are unsure which serum to choose feel free to message us for advice.

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Technique for rolling

    • DO NOT use the derma roller if you are pregnant, suffer from an autoimmune disease, or have a metal allergy.
    • DO NOT use the roller on broken skin, bruised skin or moles.
    • DO NOT use the roller if you are under the age of 18.
    • DO NOT use the roller on active acne or infected skin as it will spread infection around your face.
    • Always use the roller at night as your skin repairs best in the evening.
    • Never share your derma roller.
    • Always dry thoroughly and never use a rusty roller.
    • Rollers should be replaced every 12 weeks or earlier if damaged or broken.
    • DO NOT apply any pressure when using the roller, the skin should not be broken or blood drawn during the treatment.
    • We recommend that you start using the roller 2-3 times a week and build up to nightly as your skin becomes used to the treatment.
    • The roller should be sanitised using a sanitiser of 70% alcohol or greater before every use. The sanitiser should be washed off with boiling water before using on your skin to avoid irritation.




Skin may be a little pink after rolling and products may cause tingling when applied after needling, this is normal. Redness should subside in a few hours or overnight. There should be no downtime with this treatment, if you have severe or prolonged redness you are over needling and should cease treatment immediately.



  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly and remove all traces of make up. Pat skin dry.


  1. Scald roller in hot water prior to use to remove all trace of sanitiser. Dry roller.


  1. Roll the roller gently in a vertical or horizontal direction over the skin of your face and neck for approx 5mins always lifting the roller off your skin before changing direction.


  1. Apply your serum of choice.


  1. Needle over the skin again for 1-2mins to increase product penetration again avoiding any pressure.


  1. Always apply sun block in the morning after needling.