Eden @home LED Mask Kit


The Eden @home LED mask Kit contains everything you need to perform the ultimate anti ageing treatment at home. The kit contains one LED mask that plugs into your phone charger for ease of use. It comes with a 1 years warranty and full instructions on how to perform the treatment. The mask has three colour settings Red to stimulate collagen and Elastin production, Blue which is anti bacterial and kills the P bacteria that causes acne and Orange which is brightening.

The Kit also contains all of the products you need to complete your Eden @home treatment including one derma roller, 1 box of Age Complex ampoules and 1 Age Defence Cream.




Suffer from Epilepsy

Taking light reactive Meds

Suffer from light sensitivity

Are allergic to metal

Are Allergic to any of the product ingredients.


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The Kit also contains

Casmara Age Defence

Who is this for?

All skin types.
Including amongst others delicate, reactive and blemished ones, for those who wish to prevent or fight against the signs of aging with notable results.



Strengthens the skin’s first defensive barrier.

Forming a protective shield against pollution and preventing oxidation.

Improves the skin’s biosensoral capacity.

Stimulating collagen synthesis and improving keratinocyte cohesion.

It accelerates the process of cell renewal.

An optimal mix of moisturisation and nutrition.


Stops, prevents and improves the already visible signs of aging.

Strengthened and balanced skin.

Protected, healthy and radiant face.

Redensified skin. Diminishes the quantity and depth of wrinkles.

Renewed and radiant skin.

Intensely moisturized and nourished skin with a silky smooth texture.


Active ingredients

Anti-aging 360° active ingredient. It contains probiotics and prebiotics that strengthens the skin’s first defensive barrier. It prevents dehydration and undernourishment, whilst blocking the effects of external agents that cause aging.
It redensifies the skin and produces a reduction in wrinkles, both in quantity and depth. Powerful cell renewal.

A new nourishing dry oil complex, formulated with olive, almonds and apricot oils, combined with Korean licorice extract giving the skin an exquisite texture and significant anti free radical power.

Detoxifying natural active that forms a shield against pollution. It achieves this by forming a biomatrix providing a barrier against three pollutants: Ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution and chemical agents. It nullifies their effects on the skin and favors their elimination.

Active ingredient based on jojoba wax and beeswax with innovative carrying properties, in addition to long-lasting moisturizing effects. Rich and yet light texture.
A smart natural active ingredient which adapts to climate, providing an extraordinary sense of well-being in any weather or season.


Firming anti-aging.

Ampoule flash “oil free”.

Enriched with Japanese cedar extract and amino acids, precursors of collagen and elastin production. It provides elasticity and firmness and reduces wrinkle depth whilst preventing their future appearance. The result: firm, toned, younger-looking and smooth skin.

Available in two formats: 20 units blister and 5 units blister.


Who is this for?

Suitable for mature and/or flaccid skin.


Anti-wrinkles and reaffirming.

Prevents premature skin aging.

Helps to recover a good skin condition.


Firm, toned skin.

Younger-looking and smooth skin.

Active ingredients

Elastin Complex: complex of amino acids precursors of collagen and elastin, responsible for providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. They improve the synthesis of natural collagen and provide resistance to dermal tissue, preventing sagging skin and the signs of aging.

Japanese Cedar Extract: anti-aging active with a high concentration of plant stem cells. It stimulates the cell renewal process, helps smooth the skin microrelief and softens fine lines. In addition, it signifi-cantly increases natural skin hydration.


Derma rolling aids product penetration into your skin and ensures your products penetrate deeply into the skin and are more effective. Regular use stimulates collagen production and can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and minor skin imperfections. Can aid in the reduction of pigmentation when teamed with the correct  home care products. We recommend the roller is used at night with a serum, if you are unsure which serum to choose feel free to message us for advice.


Technique for rolling

    • DO NOT use the derma roller if you are pregnant, suffer from an autoimmune disease, or have a metal allergy.
    • DO NOT use the roller on broken skin, bruised skin or moles.
    • DO NOT use the roller if you are under the age of 18.
    • DO NOT use the roller on active acne or infected skin as it will spread infection around your face.
    • Always use the roller at night as your skin repairs best in the evening.
    • Never share your derma roller.
    • Always dry thoroughly and never use a rusty roller.
    • Rollers should be replaced every 12 weeks or earlier if damaged or broken.
    • DO NOT apply any pressure when using the roller, the skin should not be broken or blood drawn during the treatment.
    • We recommend that you start using the roller 2-3 times a week and build up to nightly as your skin becomes used to the treatment.
    • The roller should be sanitised using a sanitiser of 70% alcohol or greater before every use. The sanitiser should be washed off with boiling water before using on your skin to avoid irritation.