Teenage Breakouts Starter Kit


Teenage breakouts can be very stressful for young boy’s and girl’s and can negatively effect their self confidence. This kit contains the key products to ensure a good skincare routine, the products contain ingredients to reduce breakouts, regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation and redness. Great skin starts with a great skincare routine!

Buying the kit means a saving of over 25% over buying the products individually.

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150 ml / 5 fl.oz.
Antiseptic cleanser.

It is a facial cleansing gel with purifying and correcting properties for oily skin.

It has great cleansing capacity without excessively drying out the skin because that would have a bounce back effect with immediate secretion by the sebaceous glands.

Proof of its respect for sebaceous balance is that fact that it hardly produces foam having a delicate action but at the same time producing a profound cleansing effect. It contains a beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid that impedes the build-up of keratin in the hair follicle preventing the formation of blackheads


Dermo-purifying cleanser.

Eliminates excess oils. Prevents the formation of spots and blackheads.


Formulated with intelligent active ingredients which selectively regulate and balance the oil in the skin providing moisturization and anti-ageing care the skin needs. Detoxified, purified and healthy faces.

An intelligent cosmetic product for oily and/or shiny skins; an innovative combination of active ingredients acting in depth at different levels of the skin by removing and preventing the appearance of the problems associated with these types of skin.


Specific dermopurifying treatment.

An intelligent liposomated system for cells.

Selective sebum-regulator.

Deep skin moisturization. Matte effects.

Active ingredients

ZELOGLICINA®: Azelaic acid liposomes with anti-bacterial properties, thanks to its anti-bacterial action. It regulates sebaceous secretion.


OXYGEN is an essential source of life; when there is not enough, the skin becomes an organ that lacks radiance and luster.
That is why CASMARA has engineered a number of advances making it available in cosmetic form.

Enabling it to be encapsulated using ideal formulas to provide this in its purest form to the skin.
Give your skin the breather it needs.

A state-of-the-art cosmetic product with pure oxygen. The skin regains its energy, luminosity and vitality, looking healthy and young.


Stimulates natural cellular respiration.

Carries micro-capsulated oxygen directly to the cells.

Active ingredients

RIBOXYL®: Stimulates natural cellular respiration.

OXYFORCE®: Carries micro-capsulated oxygen directly to the cells.