Energizing & anti-aging.

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Energizing & anti-aging.

Reactivates the skin’s vitality and enhances its elasticity and provides intense nourishment.
It provides benefits for your face while you relax.
Vitalizing Algae Peel-Off Mask + 1 energizing and anti-aging ampoule.
A unique and exclusive Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask.
This mask sets facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the mask and the cream applied to the skin. This mask can also be applied over the eyes and on the lips treating areas neglected by other masks.
It lowers the temperature of your skin by up to 6ºC, providing a draining effect reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
Treat yourself with your CASMARA Beauty Plan.

Who is this for?
All skin types.
Especially for ageing and demanding skin. Highly recommended for dull and flaccid skin conditions.

Energizing and anti-aging ampoule (Vitalizing ENERGIZING CREAM)
Provides a double amount of energy for your cells’ due to its Creatine-Coenzyme Q-10 formulation. A rich texture cream with extraordinary essential oils renowned for their intensely nourishing properties. The skin regains a youthful appearance. It is also protected against skin aging and it offers 24 hours hydration.
Vitalizing Algae Peel-Off Mask
Is made from vitamin C, dill and seaweed. Natural active ingredients that protect your skin from free radical damage as well as stimulate the synthesis of collagen providing more elasticity.

It deeply stimulates and reactivates the skin, bringing back to its youthful vitality.
As a result, a youthful skin full of vitality.

Active ingredients
VITAMIN C and DILL: natural active ingredients that protect your skin from free radical damage as well as stimulate the synthesis of collagen proving more elasticity.

Phases of application
PHASE 1 (ampoule): Apply cream from the ampoule on the cleansed face.
PHASE 2 (mask): Empty the contents of the sachet 1 powder followed by the contents of sachet 2 gel in to the lid of the packaging which serves as a bowl. Apply the product to the face, use gentle sliding movements with the spatula without applying pressure.
Extend the product in an ordered fashion starting with the forehead (including the eyebrows), the cheeks followed by the sides of the face and nose from one side to another, preferably in a single movement. In the same way cover the lips.
Gently close one eye and cover with soft movement of the spatula from the centre of the face outwards. Repeat the same manoeuvre with the other eye.
PHASE 3: Relax. Allow the mask to take its effect for at least 15 minutes. After that time, lift up the edges of the mask and remove the mask in one piece from top to bottom.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The mask should be applied in under 5 minutes, as the mask mix will become solid after the 5th minute.

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