Casmara Infinity Oil Elixir



HIGHLY ANTIOXIDANT OIL elixir with a dry-touch texture.

Advanced blend of 7 EXTRAORDINARY BOTANICAL OILS, which provide exquisite nourishment, and GGP, an innovative rejuvenating and DNA-protecting active ingredient with genomic technology.

98% natural ultra-nourishing advanced elixir that blends nature’s most precious treasures with the latest technology to activate a second youth in the skin.

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Who is this for?

For mature skin. Formulated for mature skin wanting intense rejuvenating care.


Double nourishing action: High dose of essential lipids and nutrients to keep the skin in good condition.

Botox effect: Relaxing action that softens repetitive facial expressions.

Increases collagen production and prevents its degradation.

Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Maintains optimal skin hydration levels.

Prevents cellular aging by protecting the telomeres (DNA), delaying the aging process.

Accelerates skin renewal.

Increases the synthesis of the skin’s elastic fibers.

Restructuring. Helps reorganize the architectural structure of the skin.


The complexion is visibly rejuvenated. Wrinkles are softened, the skin appears suppler, redensified and intensely nourished.

The aging process is halted, activating a second youth in the skin, which appears full of life and exquisitely radiant.

Active ingredients

GGP: Rejuvenating active ingredient with genomic technology. Slows the aging process while reducing signs of facial aging.


7 PHYTO OILS with a powerful antioxidant action: tsubaki (anti-wrinkle), macadamia (firming), maracuja (repairing), cacay (regenerating), rice (renewing), lavender (Botox effect) and licorice (brightening).