Casmara Infinity Sleeping Mask



Overnight mask formulated with MELATONIN, TRYPTOPHAN, MAGNESIUM AND VIT. B6.

Exquisite 98% natural wellness cosmetic that rejuvenates your skin while you sleep. Its innovative formula exponentially increases the skin repairing and regenerating actions that occur during the sleep cycle, enhancing the benefits of a good night’s rest on the complexion.

Its extraordinary mousse texture makes it a real pleasure to apply, enhanced by its delicate cherry blossom scent to immerse you in a true well-being experience.

Do not remove or rinse off the treatment formula.

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Who is this for?

All skin types. Specially formulated to combat the visible signs of aging and daily stress.


Increases serotonin and melatonin synthesis.

Boosts energy production and stimulates activity at cell level.


“Rested face” effect.

Radiant complexion that’s full of life. Visibly rejuvenated appearance.

Plump and energized skin.

Active ingredients

MELATONIN: Neurocosmetic regenerator.

MAGNESIUM, TRYPTOPHAN AND VIT B6: Neurocosmetics. “Rested face” effect.

CHARDONNAY GRAPE: Epigenetic anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and repairing.

OLIGOMPLEX: Cell revitalizing and energizing.