Beautiful Skin

Ringing in the changes

Inevitably the New Year makes us think about our lives and what we would like to change in the year ahead. Over the years I have learned the hard way that planning to run 5k a day, loose a stone and cook fresh low cal food daily is setting myself up to fail. That does not however mean that I don’t believe in change.  I am a firm believer in making the life you want for yourself, setting goals and working towards them is invaluable and saves us from getting stuck in the rut of just going from day to day and seeing our lives as a series of tasks to be gotten through.

A stylist friend of mine once told me that when she asked her clients what they disliked about themselves they could give her an infinite list but when she asked them to name just one thing they did like about themselves they really struggled. This is something I see everyday in the salon, women and men who hate their skin, their wrinkles, their weight…..the list is endless.

So my proposition for this New Year is if there is something that bothers you, something you dislike and you can change it why not do it?

These changes don’t have to be huge, life changing or expensive but making small changes to your appearance and your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your confidence and feeling of well being.

Here are some suggestions of changes I have made in the last year which I have found very beneficial.


Meditation or Mindfulness

One of the best changes I have made this year has been to take 10 mins out morning and evening to meditate. It has really helped me deal with stress and I am sleeping much better. I downloaded the Head space app on my phone and for a small yearly fee it guides you through the process of meditation. I am actually amazed how easy it is to clear my head of the “noise” and am now doing an evening session every night with my 12 year old son to help him calm down from all the screens and tech gadgets. He is sleeping more soundly and loves the time together every evening. If you are stressed, tired or over worked and let’s face it who isn’t? I cannot recommend this enough. Follow the link here to sign up HERE



Why is something so simple so hard to achieve? I am great at night time guilt. I am exhausted and instead of going to bed I think “I should load the dishwasher, do the laundry, ironing, clean the kitchen or catch up on e mails”, then fall into bed at 1.30am and think I am going to die when the alarm goes off at 6.30am. I need 8 hours sleep, I cannot function on less and for years I tried to get by on 4,5,6. I looked awful, was constantly sick and run down and last year having read Arianna Huffington’s book “Thrive” I decided to make it a priority to get enough sleep. I set a reminder on my phone every night for 10.30 pm to remind me to go to bed and I do something really simple….I just go, even if it means leaving the dishes unwashed. Having enough sleep is crucial and has made me more decisive, better at work, happier, less moody and given me glowing skin. So this year give yourself permission to sleep.



I am always amazed at people’s reluctance to change their hair. For me there is no quicker or easier way to change your appearance and your mood. This year I made what a lot of people considered a massive change and went from brunette to platinum and can I just state here and now I LOVED IT! Hair grows fast, colors can be changed easily go ahead people try it. People kept telling me I was so brave to go blonde but what was the worst that could happen? I would hate it and put a brown over it. Do however find a good hairdresser and take their advise on what is achievable. I went to Tracy in Sophisticuts Wicklow and she ensured that the treatment did not damage my hair. Changing my hair made me feel cool, funky, younger and made me change my makeup and experiment with my clothes so my advice for 2018 is change your hair.



Me platinum blonde                                                                                                                         Back to dark.


We have offered injectables in Eden since 2003 and were among the first salons to offer the service. I think everyone presumes I own a salon so I must have all the treatments, I wish! I tried Botox on the lines between my brows at the very beginning so I could explain the procedure to my clients but have not had it since. However this year I looked in the mirror and thought I looked tired and drawn so I decided to take the plunge. I was very definite about what I wanted or more specifically what I did not want. I had a consultation with our Doctor, Lee Murray. He took a medical history and I explained that I wanted, my laughter lines softened and my forehead lines reduced. What I did NOT want was to look frozen, have no expression and most importantly I did not want it to be obvious I had anything done. To me if people are asking you who did your injections then they are a failure. I think the ideal procedure makes you look like a rested, fresher, slightly younger version of yourself. If my hubby noticed it would be a fail…he is not a fan of over processed faces. People always ask if injections hurt and I can honestly say no. Lee is very gentle and it was not painful. I have naturally high brows so he was careful to ensure this was not exaggerated. I wanted some movement and was happy if I had some lines left….to me a 47 year old face with no lines is odd. Dr Murray did a series of injections around my eyes and between my brows. He advised me not to lie down for several hours to allow the Botox to settle and not to put makeup on the areas or rub them for the rest of the day. The Botox takes approximately a week to take effect and I was delighted with the results. I looked like I had been ironed and best of all my hubby did not notice. Dr Murray includes a check up 2 weeks after your initial appointment for any tweaks that may be necessary but I was thrilled and did not need this. Botox should last approx 3 months and wears off slowly. I had mine done 6 months ago and have not had it redone yet but I definitely will as it made me feel great and look a lot fresher. For more information on our injectables clinic and prices click on the link HERE.